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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Endangered by Dani Hoots

I'm super stoked to be taking part in the blog tour for Dani Hoots' Endangered!  Mythology, Hades, some romance, what more could you ask for?  Check out the exciting book details and giveaway below!!

Chrys has been in the Underworld for thousands of years, hidden away by her father, Hades, from all of the other gods. He's afraid that if someone finds out about her, they will destroy her because of the dichotomous power that she holds, the power of life and death. So she has remained in the Palace of Hades all her life, making very few friends and always bored out of her mind.

Huntley would have never guessed that after he died he would wake up with a beautiful girl standing over him. And that she would be the Dark Lord of the Underworld's daughter. Yet, for some reason, she keeps him around as her tutor, as if he knows anything about the world. But Huntley knows that all she really wants is a friend; being trapped in the Underworld can get pretty lonely. 

That is, until Chrys decides she wants to run away to the human world after a big fight with her mother Persephone. Chrys claims her father is just over reacting and that nothing bad will come of it. There's no way that the gods will notice she's there for only a couple of days...right?

This book had so many elements that appeal to me, it's hard to know what to talk about first.  Maybe I'll start with the big draw for me... Mythology!!  I love books centered around mythology, especially Greek mythology, and this book had it in spades.  Second thing, Hades.  He's my favorite Greek myth god, by far, because the idea of his existence, the lonely life he would have in the Underworld, unable to leave, and the just the nature of his job.  I've always loved him.  Then, I get this book and find out he has a daughter!  Wow.

So Chrys is the daughter of Hades, which is a twist in and of itself for this story.  But then you throw in the fact that there is only a one-sided love between Chrys's parents and her dad is actually the kind and lonely one who has been wronged, and it just made this story ooze with lovely angst for me. Chris is her dad's reason for going on.  It's sad, it's sweet, and somewhat tragic. Chrys gets the idea to visit the human world after being unable to take her mother a moment longer.  I'll leave that for the readers to discover on their own.

I loved all of the main players in this story... Hades, Chrys and Huntley were all so vivid, fresh and three-dimensional.  Chrys is not your typical teenage girl because she's not really a teenager exactly, even though she looks like one.  Although there are still some teenage traits there that lead her into making some hasty decisions out of anger.  One of the things that sparks her interest in visiting the human world with her two friends AJ and Huntley.

AJ was a mystery for me, and I never could quite tell what he was thinking.... but then again, that's the way it was supposed to be.  Huntley, on the other hand, was full of life, no pun intended, vivid, sparkling with personality, and so caring of Chrys. I loved him immediately.  The way he cares for her in just the little things he does... how could you resist him.

There's a quest to earth, meetings with other gods and demigods, etc... danger, intrigue, fights, and fun, funny scenes as well.  This book had it all. It was a wonderfully well-rounded story that gave you a little bit of everything you could desire.  I enjoyed it from the first page and the author just pulled me right along, so quickly, until I looked up and it was over and I was dying to know what would happen next.  This was an excellent start to a new series.  Great book!!

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Dani Hoots is a science fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult author who loves anything with a story. She has a B.S. in Anthropology, a Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning, and is currently in the Your Novel Year Program through Arizona State University.

Currently she is working on a YA urban fantasy series called Daughter of Hades, a historic fantasy vampire series called A World of Vampires, and a YA sci-fi series called Sanshlian Series.

Her hobbies include reading, watching anime, cooking, studying different languages, wire walking, tinkering with her violin and concertina, and volunteering at the library. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two cats.

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