Sunday, March 11, 2018

Discussion Post: What do you do when you feel the blogging burn out?

My Discussion Topic This Week - What do you do when you feel the blogging burn out?

I don't think anyone can doubt that I'm not stranger to this issue.  I've had this happen to me three times now in the past, most recently in the last year and a half where I disappeared.  My husband and I lost our dog, who was really like a little child to us, and it was extremely painful.  We had spent a year caring for him as he was unable to walk, although our vet told us he wasn't in any pain.  As long as that was the case, we were willing to do everything for him, and did for about 9 months before he finally left us.  We were both devastated and I just couldn't myself into blogging at that time.

I started a new job around then as well, which was very challenging, and it just kept getting easier and easier to come home and not even look at my computer.

Prior to that, I've had a couple other times where I stopped blogging for a while, and those were from just pure burnout.  I got tired.  I even reached a point where I was burned out on reading and couldn't find anything that really did it for me.  I tried multiple genres and just couldn't drum up much enthusiasm.  Blogging began to feel like a chore to me.  So once again, it became easier just to "forget" to do it until so much time had gone by that I had to admit I was on sabbatical.

So have you felt this? Has this happened to you before?  What do you do to get yourself out of such a funk?

Let's discuss...

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