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Review: The Secret Heir by Siobhan Davis

The Secret Heir (Alinthia Book 2) by Siobhan Davis
Release Date: March 31, 2018
Genre: Modern Paranormal Fantasy Reverse Harem

Is it her destiny to save them … or destroy them?  Now that Tori finally understands who she is and what’s expected of her, she’s in full-on freak-out mode. How will she save the galaxy from General Arantu’s clutches when she can’t even control her powers?  Add that to the lack of retaliation by enemy alien forces, and everyone is on edge. Especially when they uncover evidence of a strange alien symbol with possible links to humans, and the mystery deepens. But that’s not the only thing keeping Tori awake at night.

Confused over the horrific vision she experienced the night of the Herassan attack, Tori is terrified of revealing details of her protectors’ supposed fate, so she says nothing. Keeping stuff hidden never ends well, and as evil forces conspire against Tori and her four protectors, secrets and lies threaten to destroy everything they hope to achieve.  While Tori grows closer to Coop, Maddox, and Beck, Dane remains distant, creating more tension and jeopardizing their bond.  Then an unexpected newcomer arrives, casting suspicion over everything they believe they know.  When Tori finally figures out what’s going on, will she have time to warn the guys? Or is their fate already sealed?

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.**

This was an excellent second installment to the Alinthia series.  It did not, in any way, fall into sophomore book syndrome but just amped up the story even more.  In many ways I liked it better than the first, which is saying something since I hopped up and down over book one and exclaimed how much I loved it.

In this installment, the mystery surrounding Alinthia/Tori deepens.  New angles are introduced that give the story depth and really have the reader on the edge of her seat waiting to see how things are going to pan out.  There are twists and turns, and several unexpected surprises that really floored me.  I'm hard to surprise, but there were at least three in here that had my jaw hitting the floor, which I loved!

The relationships between Alinthia and her guardians made progress in this sequel, and I loved watching the characters get to know each other better, deepen their connections and establish new ones.  There is some intrigue there that really added to the romance and angst of the group.  Suffice it to say, the author is continuing to do an amazing job making her characters grow, stretch, rethink, and expand themselves, both individually, and within their relationships with each other.  It just gave the book an even more enticing effect.

The pacing was perfect. Once again, it held my attention from start to finish, and I finished it in one sitting.  I love books like that where you just can't put it down, but then when it's over, you're sad to have reached the end.  All I can say is wow, again, and I can't wait to see what happens next.  Bring on more!!

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Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. WoW posts are about books that you can’t wait to get your hands on.

This is one of my favorite posts to read on the blogs that I follow because other bloggers have found so many wonderful books that I had no idea about! I get most of those from reading Waiting on Wednesday posts. :-) I urge you to visit other blogs and read theirs to find these great lists!

A hero’s tournament. A defiant contender. Does one girl have the courage to take on Mount Olympus?
Hope’s world doesn’t have room for heroes. She barely has time for schoolwork, swim team, and taking care of her ailing mother. But when she’s invited to a mysterious tournament, the all-powerful hosts won’t take no for an answer.

Transported to Mount Olympus, Hope comes face to face with her new trainers—the pantheon of Greek gods. While other contenders train hard to gain a fighting edge, Hope searches for a way out. Instead, she finds a gorgeous shadow god who may just convince her to stay…

As each round unfolds, the ultimate prize draws closer—the granting of her heart’s deepest desire. If she survives the final challenge, her mother’s cure would be within reach…but only if Hope can ignore the tournament’s dark purpose.

Olympian Challenger is the first book in a bold YA urban fantasy trilogy. If you like Greek mythology, forbidden romance, and feats of courage, then you’ll love Astrid Arditi’s heroic coming-of-age tale.

Release Date: July 3, 2018

Why I'm excited about it:
Mythology.  Need I say more?

Have you heard of this one?  Leave a comment and let me know what your WoWs are this week!

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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder by Cookie O'Gorman

I'm very pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Cookie O'Gorman's book The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth bout Ethan Wilder scheduled for release on April 5, 2018!  Let me just say the book is very aptly named indeed!  Check out the exciting book details and giveaway below!!

In the south, everyone has a secret--and murder is served with sweet tea. The word's out: Ethan Wilder’s coming back to town, and the people of Bowie, Georgia are in a southern tizzy. Everyone knows the story. He shot and killed his sister four years ago, and people say his father, Jim Wilder, the biggest holy roller this side of the Mississippi, sent him packing for just that reason. Even if her death was unofficially ruled a suicide, Ethan’s return has everybody talking.

Seventeen-year-old Delilah Doherty can’t go anywhere without hearing his name. Born and raised in Bowie, Delilah knows firsthand about the gossipmongers and how they love a good scandal. The daughter of a wild child and niece of the local psychic, she’s also the only one who doubts Ethan’s guilt.

After Ethan saves her life, the two start a slow and steady burn neither can deny. But when Bowie's spiritual leader is nearly murdered, it rocks the small southern town to its core. Delilah and Ethan are caught in the crossfire, their relationship threatened before it's even begun. Someone has it out for Ethan's family. With everyone convinced of Ethan's guilt, it's up to Delilah to unravel the mystery before someone else gets hurt or worse...dead.

I wasn't sure what I was going to think about this book when I first began reading, but if it says anything to you at all that I finished it in one sitting, then you know you need to check this book out.  It far exceeded any expectations I could have had.  It had murder mystery, suspense, a little comedy, and one heck of a good romance.  Great mixture of elements there that had me totally engrossed.

This author did an amazing job with characterization.  I loved them all, even the secondaries.  They were all so well-rounded and three-dimensional, even if they didn't have much page time, you felt you really had a good knowledge of who they were as people.  The main characters were amazingly written, especially Delilah.  I loved, loved, loved this girl!  She was such a unique character to read,  a wonderful mixture of steadiness.  She was out-going and extroverted but with a dry sense of humor that made following her narrative a pleasant, sometimes funny ride, even in the midst of the mystery taking place around her.

Ethan was a mystery on his own, but one Delilah has no trouble taking on.  I can't say much about him without ruining some aspects of the story, but I will say that I had a gamut of emotions while reading about him.  The mystery surrounding him and the story were so well done.

The story itself was unique, interesting, and surprising.  It took me on twists, and turns, and then more twists and turns, and then I, who pride myself on being able to "figure it out" before the end" was utterly shocked.  Great job to the author on keeping me guessing!

The story's pacing was perfect and kept me reading.  I didn't want to put this book down at all.  I absolutely loved it, and I can't wait to see what is next for this author.  A fantastic read!!


Author Info

Cookie O'Gorman writes YA romance to give readers a taste of happily-ever-after. Small towns, quirky characters, and the awkward yet beautiful moments in life make up her books. Cookie also has a soft spot for nerds and ninjas. Her debut novel ADORKABLE is out now! Her second book NINJA GIRL was released March 30,2017!

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