I'm wanting to be a little more interactive this year, so I've started a couple features on the blog that I want to tell you about.  Feel free to comment on, or participate in, any feature that looks interesting to you.  So far, the features are:

The Tale Temptress Says is a feature for discussion posts.  I want to talk to other readers and bloggers more about the books we read, the life of a reviewer/blogger, and much more!  If you have something to say about a particular topic, participate by just jumping in and commenting your thoughts!  Let's get a dialogue going!

In an effort to get to know and interact more with other bloggers and readers, I'm starting Be a Featured Blog.  These will be posted on Fridays and will link back to the Feature and Follow Friday meme hosted by Parajunkie and Allison Can Read.  Their meme is one I've participated in before, but I only followed.  Now, I want to feature.  So if you'd like to Be a Featured Blog, click here to fill out the form.

Monday's Month in Retrospect has been around on the blog before, but I'm revamping it, and hopefully turning it into a meme. This feature will be posted only monthly, on the first Monday of each month.  In these posts, I will feature what I thought were the "Best ofs" from my books I read in the prior month:  Best Hero, Best Heroine, Best Villain, Best Book, Best Cover, etc...

Tempting Future YA Releases is a monthly feature where I post a listing of all the young adult books that caught my eye that will be releasing in the coming month. This list will typically post either in the last couple days before the new month, or in the first couple days of that new month.  This list will in no way be a complete listing of all new young adult books that will be coming out that month, but will feature ones that caught my eye.

That's all the features for now, but be watching the feature page for some potential new ones coming throughout the year!

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